REVIVIfy’s cutting-edge self-healing coatings, a breakthrough in nanotechnology. These hand-applied coatings are heat-activated and offer an incredible self-repairing feature. Experience the convenience of the coating’s capacity to restore itself to its original look and protection, over and over again.





Our ongoing mission is to constantly create new and innovative paint protection products, ensuring our place as pioneer and leaders in the industry.


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All REVIVIfy products undergo strict quality assurance testing during the manufacturing process.  Once testing is approved, the products then go into the hands of industry leaders for further testing before launching globally.





Our success is focused on YOUR success.  REVIVIfy products have received a truly unmatched 100% satisfaction from both our installers and the end customer from across the world. Making it the number one product in the automotive protection industry.


REVIVIfy Self-Heal Coating—a game-changing nanotechnology coating that revolutionizes surface protection. This heat-activated, hand-applied wonder comes packed with self-healing properties, drawing inspiration from a blend of organic and inorganic polysilazane materials used in various cutting-edge industries. With applications spanning high-temperature resistance in aerospace, salt corrosion resistance in maritime vessels, and potent acid and alkali resistance in semiconductors, REVIVIfy stands as a testament to over 60 years of expertise in OEM paint technology.

As a pioneer in automotive paint protection, our sophisticated formula showcases the pinnacle of vehicle surface defense, featuring exceptional bonding strength with our patent pending Si0X technology that enables REVIVIfy to adhere to a diverse range of surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic, metal, and ceramic. Setting itself apart, REVIVIfy outshines traditional SiO2/SiC ceramic coatings, providing five times the resistance against corrosion, oxidation and 100% UV resistance.

Developed through extensive R&D and the incorporation of worldwide advancements in automotive paint protection coating technology, REVIVIfy unveils a heat-activated, self-healing coating serum that boasts unparalleled gloss and hydrophobic properties.

But there’s more—REVIVIfy’s state-of-the-art formula streamlines the application process, doing away with pre-mixing and significantly reducing the chances of encountering those pesky “high spots.” A result of over five years of research and a team of professional coating applicators, REVIVIfy Global launched in 2018, raising the bar for the ceramic coating market and establishing a new benchmark in user-friendliness and genuine self-healing capabilities.


While many ceramic coating companies follow the “harder is better” mindset, REVIVIfy goes down a different path. Our cutting-edge technology focuses on finding the perfect balance between hardness for necessary protection and a silicone resin, flexible surface that sets us apart from the usual ceramic coating products on the market today.
Take Paint Protection Film (PPF) as a great example. Even though it’s softer and more flexible, it offers unbeatable paint protection that outperforms any traditional ceramic coating out there. PPF’s ability to repel small projectiles and provide top-notch paint protection is due to its thickness, which is about 20 times greater than a single layer of our coating.
REVIVIfy’s innovative coating technology holds a special edge. It demonstrates the ideal mix of being “hard enough” to resist minor scratches while remaining “flexible enough” for self-healing action when light scratches occur. This results in a level of protection that goes beyond the limits of traditional ceramic coatings.
As customers become more aware that the 9H rating is related to a pencil hardness scale rather than the Mohs Scale, it’s essential to rethink the products we provide and apply to our clients’ cherished vehicles. Regardless of marketing strategies, traditional ceramic coatings still remain prone to light scratches, wash-related marks, and environmental challenges.
Experience the simplicity of application, unmatched performance, eye-catching cosmetic appearance, and outstanding customer satisfaction that REVIVIfy’s cutting-edge technology has to offer. Our groundbreaking solution ensures that you can confidently deliver the best-in-class product to your clients, leaving traditional ceramic coatings behind.

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Tested in various countries with extreme climates.  REVIVIfy products are proven to outperform our competitors.

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What we are all about

REVIVIfy’s leading-edge technology and products are independently developed by Idée Technology Co., LTD.  Idée Technology started off as a cross-industry R&D team that aims to develop innovative products in various fields and its products were introduced to different places across the world in early 2013.  Now, we currently provide state-of-the-art competitive products and technology services to customers in North America, Europe, Middle-East, and the Asia market. 

Our vision is the change the world with our continuous innovation.

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Where we came from

In 2014, Idée Technology solves the problem of existing automotive protection products and brought to the world it’s first innovative sprayable paint protection film technology product.  In 2018, this technology was further innovated to provide automatic self-healing function without the need for heat activation with the ability to customize the color, providing a clear or color film that is fully removable.

Integrating 30 years of OEM paint experiences and the technology from our sprayable PPF, REVIVIfy was born.  Introducing the world’s first hand-applied, heat-activated self-healing coating.