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By adopting advanced new polymer materials that are used in three technological industries: aerospace,  ships/maritime vessels, and semiconductors. 

Compared with traditional SI02 structured ceramic coatings or glass coatings, REVIVIfy Self-healing series products have 100% resistance to ultraviolet rays, and their chemical resistance is 3X that of traditional ceramic coatings.

Based on years of experience in the formulation of automotive sprayable PPF, Idée introduced its technology into the global innovative R&D of REVIVIfy self-healing products, and successfully completed the world’s first thick single application, heat-activated, self-healing nano-coating products in 2018. The gloss, hydrophobic, stain, chemical, and 100% UV resistance are not comparable to traditional ceramic products.

This advanced formulation not only allows the product to break through the protection limit of traditional coatings but the application method has also undergone a revolutionary change, which is extremely easy to apply (no mixing needed) therefore reduces the risk of having “high spots”. REVIVIfy successfully created a range of coating products that everyone in the automotive detailing and protection industry dreams of. 

thick layer technology

Specially formulated to provide a true single thick layer and to eliminate application errors. Ensuring 100% consistency with each application.​

3d structure

Breakthrough in nanotechnology with SI0x allowing extreme adhesion on surfaces such as paint, PPF, steel, chrome, vinyl and glass

superior durability

Achieving 100% adhesion to the surface with 100% resistance against UV with an exceptional chemical resistance. SGS tested.

proprietary formulas

Formulated with detailers in mind. REVIVIfy offers an extremely user-friendly application without the headaches of chasing high-spots.

curing process

Under 30 degrees celsius, the hydrophobic & self-healing functions will be active in one hour and 24 hours for those properties to be fully cured.

self healing technology

Activated with heat, hot air, or hot water. There are no limits to how many times the coating can restore itself from minor scratches and swirl marks.

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An advanced, self-healing, flexible coating that is similar to paint protection film. REVIVIfy allows for a true healing process of minor scratches & swirl marks, unlike any other traditional ceramic (hard) coatings.

Traditional 9H/10H ceramic coatings are repaired from scratches only by polishing and reapplying the ceramic.  Harsh contaminants, such as bird droppings, when neglected on the surface would permanently etch these types of traditional ceramic coatings.

Revivify solves all of these issues with its self-healing capabilities. It’s a flexible coating – so if scratched or etched, it will restore back to its original state with heat! Additionally, it actively provides significantly better water-spot protection when compared with traditional 9H/10H ceramic coatings.

For the moment. REVIVIfy Self-healing coatings are only avaiable for professionals and not for retail.

You can find the list of our Certified Installer in the “Find an installer”” section on our webpage here.

If there are currently no distributor in your country or reigon.  Please use the contact form and our Business Development team will get reach out to you.

Self-healing capabilities are part of our unique formulation.  Basically, as long as the coating is still there, self-healing will be active.

The longevity of the product will depend on the environment that the vehicle is mostly exposed to.  In order to achieve optimal performance, proper maintenance is necessary.  

No.  Although Revivify is much thicker, and flexible than traditional ceramic coatings, it is still not thick enough when compared with PPF.  PPF still remains the best protection against rock chips impact.

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